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From Everything.Sucks is a software and app discovery portal based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was founded in 1997 and is owned by Softonic International. reaches over 100 million users per month and delivers more than 4 million downloads per day.

John B. shares some thoughts about Softonic in a review published by SITEJABBER: "This site is set up to hammer you with an advertisement that is self-serving to them. They advertise software without the author's permission in order to get you to their site via the author's popularity. They are shifty at best. They make sure they come up first in search engines before an official listing from the legitimate manufacturer. They refuse to remove their illegal and unsolicited listing of a manufacturer's product when requested by the manufacturer to not falsely advertise their product. They pretend to be a legitimate and official representative of other people's products. They are an unauthorized company that has no legal grounds to represent products that they didn't advertise. If you buy anything through them or download anything through them, good luck and do at your own risk"


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Con says

"Saw some positive reviews, gave it a shot and downloaded a file. All I got was 4 different malwares for my trouble. Thank god I pay for professional antivirus software."

PM PIK says


Berk Benli says

"It's softonic. That's a sin in itself."

J4KUB says

"Softonic this is a stupid site I destroyed my tablet i don't know how many years But don't download there! this is virus! So SoftOnic is ShitOnic don't downloading something from another sites just download from Steam, Origin Etc something have a good day."

Fast11 GTR says

"Softonic says it's not a virus but most of the time, softonic has soo many viruses that it lies about it being safe."

khubaib atoom says

"bad very bad bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbadddd"

Bianca Botha says

"Had so much trouble with Softonic before, installing stuff on my PC without permission, malware and takes forever to figure out how to get it off. Takes over your browser,and always leaves some unkown process running in task manager. -P.S. I wish 0 stars was possible."

Tracy Peter says

"Installed malware on my phone"

Henry Trowbridge says

"Awful, crappy, never to be downloaded from, under any circumstance."

Nick D says

"Anything you'll find in there, is always packed with malware and viruses that will harm your computer. Do not ever download anything from them, don't even visit this website."

Dante says

"worst experience, they automatically install so softwares without my permission, don't use softonic."

Robert Singleton says

"How did this get into my computer and how do I get rid of it?"

klo says

"Not worth your time, download the real thing and avoid this virus."

Antron says

"Soft tonic website is terrible It has took me some time to get to the root of the problem but everything else I installed checks out except the driver booster software by iobit (the newest version). I will have to pick another avenue to get the software newest software also using virtualization to double check before using any thing from other third party website."

Carlos Peláez says

"Softonic is sh|t. Is full of Malware and is a truly f|cking pain to finally get it removed. But the worst part is see their employees faking surprice and cynically denying the reality. It's pathetic."

Kent says

"I downloaded Undertale from the website, but instead, it downloaded tons of malware onto my mac. I was astonished to see that a company would do such things. It took me some time to find a way to delete the malware. DO NOT EVER USE THIS MALWARE CORRUPTED WEBSITE!!! It just wastes your time."

Veljoslav Tomic says

"never belive this never gave me what I wanted"

Jakub Paskuj says

"garbage that force you do download software you dont want, dont use it stay safe"

Lisa Coombes Stephen Coombes says

"Should be zero. It determined my teddy bear had an average heart and pulse rate 🤣" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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